Piece of Cake by Sundae Leighton (ePUB)

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Piece of Cake (Kingston High #1) by Sundae Leighton – Free eBooks Download


There were five boy that made up the Knights of Kingston High.

These same boys rule the halls of which I’m just a commoner trying to move along unnoticed. I didn’t ask to be part of their group nor do I want to be. When one of the boys insists I have no choice because you simply don’t say no when it comes to the Knights.

Easton Kennedy. The towns golden boy and the Knights chosen boss of the group loathes the idea of being anywhere near me. His angry glare? His icy facade? The fact that he seemed to despise the idea of being anywhere near me? The dark prince made himself perfectly clear that he wanted nothing to do with me.

Easton comes to my rescue one night only to torment me the following day. He’s the devil in disguise with the things he says. In the way he makes me feel when he whispers dirty words into my ear. I want him only to hate him at the same time.

When I finally learn the truth about this town, and the boy behind the green eyes it might already be too late.

For both of us.

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