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pictures of you, jane anthony

Pictures of You by Jane Anthony – Free eBooks Download


Bestseller Jane Anthony weaves a gripping tale of love, loss, hope, and second chances.

Every memory Charlotte Hargrove has of Ryan makes her wonder how she didn’t see the signs. With each passing day, she wrestles with her guilt.
He was in pain. How had she not known?
Then a chance meeting with Khyle Hammond makes her smile for the first time in months.
He’s awkward, shy, and odd. Yet the sadness in his eyes shows he is no stranger to sorrow.
An unlikely friendship is forged from despair, and Charlotte begins to think she might finally be able to start moving on. But Khyle has a secret weighing on his heart. One that threatens to destroy more than their friendship… it could ruin Charlotte completely.
Pictures of You charts a course through grief, love, and everything in between. This heartbreaking novel begs the question, how far will you go for someone you love?

*This book tackles sensitive subjects such as teen suicide and abortion. Please take into consideration before reading.

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