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Pickup Lessons (Awkward Arrangements #3) by Tanya Gallagher – Free eBooks Download


Three dates can change everything…
If you see a train wreck happening, it’s your duty to stop it if you can, right? Loyalty to my fellow women is the only reason I step in when my brother’s best friend, Dash Walton, slings yet another awful pickup line to an unsuspecting woman at the bar.
“Did it hurt?”
“When you fell from heaven.”
Gag me.

Words are my business, both in my day job and my side hustle, and I know Dash is on the wrong track. When I offer to teach him a thing or two about what really makes a woman tick, I find myself in the middle of a wager—first of us to three dates with someone wins, therefore proving they can catch—and keep—someone’s interest.
Dash is off-limits. Irresponsible. Irreverent.
My eensy crush on him shouldn’t get in the way of my goal to win the bet, right?
Because I don’t count on the way Dash’s eyes make my stomach swoop or the way his smile makes me feel like I’m the only woman in the room.
Now I have three dates to save myself from humiliation and prove that my methods work.
Three dates to accidentally discover that while Dash may not have a way with words, he does have a talented mouth.
Three dates to realize that if it means losing Dash, I might not want to win at all.

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