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picking cherries, kiki burrelli

Picking Cherries (Welcome to Morningwood Omegaverse #9) by Kiki Burrelli – Free eBooks Download


Shy and unsure, what Shiloh needs is a steady hand to guide him.

Shiloh Formes has lived his young adult life in fear of turning into his brother. Seamus couldn’t make the right choice if it bit him in the bottom. But Shiloh didn’t graduate high school early to spend his life partying like his brother. Shiloh plans on dedicating his life to his academic passion and he knows just the professor to help him get started.

Secret billionaire and respected professor, Beckett Crawford has everything but a mate to love.

Blind since birth, Beckett is an alpha who knows what it’s like to have to work twice as hard as his peers. He understands Shiloh’s passion but the student asks him for a favor Beckett simply cannot grant. But Shiloh doesn’t leave without making an impression on Beckett, and soon, he can’t stop thinking about the student who should be so clearly off-limits.

Shiloh needs to be careful. He can’t afford to fall into the same downward spiral that dragged down his brother. Even if Shiloh has fallen hard for his teacher, nothing can come of it. But when an old enemy threatens Shiloh, it’s Beckett who rushes to protect him. It’s Beckett who offers Shiloh the key to unlocking his academic future, and it is Beckett who cares for Shiloh like he’s the most precious thing in the world. But with as many reasons Shiloh has for why they should be together, there are just as many threatening to tear them apart.

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