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phoenix spy, tj nichols

Phoenix Spy (Brothers of Fire #1) by TJ Nichols – Free eBooks Download


Many deaths ago, phoenix shifter Dalmon Vecker created the Coven to protect paranormals during the witch hunts. Once again, he is running it instead of being king, or heir, or any of the other roles he’s played to safeguard the secrets he and his brothers keep. Now the Coven, and the paranormal community, are under threat as some witches want to reveal the truth to humans to enable them to seize control.

For Lucian Marwood, getting arrested by the Coven means that he’s safe. For the first time in five years, he can breathe without worrying that the man who’d promised him the world only to take it from him bit by bit will never know the depths of his hate. He doesn’t need the Coven to explain the extent of the damage he did. He knows, and he will tell them everything to make amends.
It’s a pity the head spy thinks he’s a liar.

Dalmon may not remember the details of his previous lives, but seeing Lucian stirs something in his soul as if they have crossed paths before. But who he was and what happened isn’t something he has the luxury of investigating if he is going to stop the Shadow Board.

Phoenix Spy is book 1 of the Brothers of Fire series about the royal phoenix shifters of Mont de Leucoy. If you love mm fated mates, past lives, princes, and spies, join the phoenixes.
Brothers of Fire is set in the same world as the Familiar Mates series, but stands alone.

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