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#PhiThetaForever (Lakeview Coast #2) by Courtney Lynn Rose – Free eBooks Download


The only thing better than going to college is being able to experience it with your best friends and the love of your life.
Having Lena beside me as we start the next chapter of our lives means the world to me, especially since we’ve overcome so much to be together.
But Freshman year ends up being a lot more than I bargained for, and when it’s the first time I’ve truly been away from home on my own, I don’t know what comes over me, but clearly, I forget how to make good decisions.
Lena joins a calm, supportive sorority that supports our faith and goals for education and life. I, on the other hand, get recruited by the biggest, loudest, and most notorious fraternity on campus. Their alumni list includes politicians, high-ranking businessmen, professional athletes, and even some celebrities. It’s the exact place that can help make dreams come true after graduation.
The only problem is their initiation hazing pushes me to the limits not just physically, but it undermines and contradicts everything I believe in – the very core values to which I’ve build myself and my integrity.
By the time I realize how bad it’s gotten, I’m one step away from losing the thing that means more to me than anything else – Lena.
Now, I have to stand up to the fraternity and earn back my girlfriend’s trust, both of which seem damn near impossible.

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