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Phenex (Fire From Heaven #3) by Ava Martell – Free eBooks Download


An angel falls, A phoenix rises.
The words “I’ve been through Hell” are usually just a figure of speech. For Phenex, they’re all too literal. As the devil’s right hand, he spent eons in the Pit, but when a witch with a vendetta against all angels – Fallen or otherwise – snares him Phenex learns that Hell is very different from the other side.

Time flows more quickly in the underworld, and too many years of torment in darkness and silence have turned Phenex into something unrecognizable. Something broken.

Luckily for him, he has an angel on his side.
Caila. The only bright spot in the perpetual darkness, and the only thing holding the fragile strands of Phenex’s sanity together. With no one but each other, old loyalties and grudges are forgotten as something deeper begins to grow.

Bonds forged in the fire are always the strongest.
The Devil never forgets his own, but escaping Hell doesn’t mean the worst is over. The lines between the worlds are blurring, and the darkest creatures from humanity’s nightmares are awakening.
Hell brought them together. Hell ripped them apart.
And Hell is still waiting.

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