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Peter and the Wolves (Peter and the Wolves #1) by Merry Farmer – Free eBooks Download


My name is Peter Royale, and I am the son of the ruling Duke of Novoberg.
At least, I was until my brothers locked me out of the city after dark, changing my life forever—all because I am refined, fey, and love men.
Now I am a pup for a pack of five ravenous wolves. Every day they use me for their own enjoyment, and though I know I’m destined for more, it’s more love than I have ever known.

But my life of carnal bliss is still not enough. Not when the kingdom we belong to is in jeopardy, and not when there is so much more I want to experience. Will I have to leave the pack behind to be the man I was born to be?

AUTHORS NOTE: Peter and the Wolves was a project that I started to entertain myself this year. It’s WAY outside of the box of what I usually write, so if you’re looking for my standard Historical Romance fare, this ain’t it! But if you’re looking for a non-magical sort-of-fantasy, epic, MMM+, SUPER-steamy story of a young man coming into his own and discovering his political and “personal” power, this is the series for you!

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