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perfect pitch, tracey jerald

Perfect Pitch (The Midas #7) by Tracey Jerald – Free eBooks Download


Moving to the city after persuading my single mother to let me cash in my college fund was a decision I didn’t make lightly. I knew I possessed the qualities to conquer the New York music scene. Forget being a rockstar; as a DJ, I can utilize my nimble fingers and haunting voice to ascend to the top.
I hold an unshakeable belief in myself, just as surely as I know my own name—Austyn Kensington. This opportunity presents itself as my chance to leave behind the emotional scars that have haunted me since childhood.
As my voice echoes throughout the city, I ascend to the position of queen of clubs—a sensation that drowns out the doubters of my past. The future glistens before me, radiant as the spotlights illuminating the dance floor. I am prepared to embrace every aspect of it.
However, one fateful night, Mitchell Clifton enters my life—a dark and brooding presence that disrupts the carefully orchestrated rhythm I have established. Beyond his ridiculous handsomeness and unwavering vigilance, he possesses the ability to upheave every facet of my existence. Maybe it’s because we were complete opposites. Or maybe it is because he happens to be the older brother of my closest friend in the city.
Mitch flawlessly unearths the depths of my being, compelling me to expose my vulnerabilities. Our first kiss etches itself into my memory—an intense moment that bares my soul down to its core. Our bodies move in perfect synchronicity, kindling a passion that I have never before experienced.
There are billions of reasons that could have dissuaded Mitch from pursuing me. However, it is none of them that drive me away. Instead, fate unveils an alternative plan—a twisted life lesson that hurls my life—and my music—into an unforeseen direction.
Mitch seeks vengeance, but in my fractured state, I’m rendered indifferent.
After all, what have I really learned except nothing about love is perfect?

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