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Perfect Match (Holiday Nights) by Eliza McLane – Free eBooks Download


They couldn’t be more different, but wild-at-heart (and in bed) Rose and sweet-but-square Tyler have to make it through a romantic Valentine’s weekend to win the prize at the end – all while proving they’re certainly, definitely,really not the perfect match the dating app proclaims them to be… right?

I went to my bestie’s over-the-top Valentine’s Day event alone, and when the first person I meet is straight-laced Tyler, I know I’m leaving alone, too. He’s all buttoned-up with nary a tattoo in sight, and he does math…for fun. In other words, definitely not my type. But when a dating app proclaims him my Perfect Match and offers up a pot of prize money if we spend a romantic weekend together, complete with an all-expenses paid luxury hotel and couples activities galore, I don’t need love as a motivator–that money will help save my fledgling, and failing, graphic design business. Now Tyler is looking at me like I’m the perfect box of chocolates, talking about indulging in one last fling before he settles down. Suddenly, I’m thinking Mr. All-Wrong-For-Me might be the perfect Mr. Right-Now.

I went to a Valentine’s Day singles’ event looking for love and left with Rose, whose vivacious attitude and sunset-hued hair sets her apart from every woman I’ve ever dated. Even if her curvy body stirs up a wilder side in me I’ve always kept under wraps, she’s definitely not what I’m looking for in a long-term partner… or so I thought. But somewhere between hiking with goats, getting our nails painted, and Rose’s lessons on new and inventive ways to share our heart-shaped bed, I’m wondering if she might be just what I never knew I always needed. But when she’s determined to part when our wild weekend is done, how can I convince her we might be a perfect match after all?

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