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Five HOT Alpha men that will make you feel things you’ve never felt before!
Immerse yourself into the holiday season following these 5 hot, rugged, and possessive alpha men in their quests to find their happily ever after.

Book One: The Christmas Proposal
I thought crushing on my big brother’s best friend was no big deal. I thought that I’d get over it in time.
But no, I only wanted him more when I grew up.
Grayson was everything I needed after my recent breakup.
He should’ve been a quick fling.
Nothing about us was supposed to be permanent.
But when my pregnancy test reads positive, I know that hearts will be broken, relationships will be ruined, and the drama will begin.

Book Two: Stranded
All I want for Christmas is to convince my handsome bad boy that he has a chance at love — with me.
Logan lived his life on his own terms, in a cabin in the woods.
But deep inside, he was covering up his own pain.
He made me want to take risks, with my body, and with my heart.
I might be a virgin, but I was determined to make him notice me.
I’m in love with my rugged mountain man.
Will I ever break through the wall around his heart?

Book Three: Her Secret Santa
I spent years running from love… and then I ran into my gorgeous employee.
The woman who took my breath… and my sanity away.
I can’t stop obsessing over her.
Julie is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever been with.
Her life is in danger and I can’t stand her ex-husband threatening to harm her.
The man doesn’t know who he’s messing with.
He has no idea that I would destroy him before he ever gets the chance to lay a finger on her.
This Christmas is all about healing past wounds and making Julie mine.
No matter what the cost…

Book Four: The Perfect Reunion
My biggest blunder was losing the love of my life… my wife.
The worse part? I deserved it.
I had secrets. Ugly ones.
And it was time for them to come out.
My destruction was inevitable.
But I’ve since gained my senses back.
And I’ve made myself a promise.
I’m determined to undo the damage.
I will marry her again.
Come what may.

Book Five: The Perfect Fix
I know that my neighbor hates me.
But I also know that she’s impossible to resist.
I knew that she was mine the second I laid my eyes on her.
I knew that that my world had changed in an instant.
The only hiccup?
Aisha’s attitude.
Something’s going on with her.
She’s… mean.
Her heart is closed off.
But I can deal with her sassiness, her attitude.
I’ll find a way to tame her, and I’ll stop at nothing to make her mine.

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