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Paul (Juicy Romance in Somerville #2) by Alexis Ashlie – Free eBooks Download


Everything I want, I get. I have money you see, and contrary to what people say, it can buy you happiness. Or, let me rephrase that. As long as you are content with the superficial, money can buy you all the happiness in the world. And I thought I was content, until I realized that a real, deep connection was what I was really craving. And no amount of money could buy that. As a matter of fact, having money hindered such search. When I met Aimee, I was immediately intrigued. I could tell she was a woman worth knowing. But would she want me for me or for my money.

I always dreamed of a life beyond the confines of my small hometown. And I worked hard for it too. But life is what it is. And it is not fair. One unexpected expense too many and any hope of me seeing the world promptly flew out the window. Along with my joy. When I learn that the man I randomly met one night and who has been showing interest in me is loaded, I know that this might be the only chance I’ll ever have to get out of Somerville and out of my funk. But my plans may not work out the way that I want them to once I get to know Paul a little better.

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