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past intertwined, logan gray

Pasts Intertwined (Deranged Drifters MC #11) by Logan Gray – Free eBooks Download


When Josh Hood finds himself a woman outside of the clubhouse, he thinks he’s the luckiest man in the world. Until he bringers her back to the clubhouse and learns Emily Smith isn’t a fresh new face to everyone in the room. In fact, she’s an old friend of Alexis Nichols, the most notorious wife and daughter of the club.
Emily Smith shows up in Griffin’s Beach with one goal in mind: Finding Alexis Nichols. Her sister, Erica, was taken when she was only thirteen, and it’s been Emily’s mission in life to track down her sister no matter the cost. When she spots Josh sitting in the bar, she thought maybe she’d found someone for a good time while she tries to find her in to get to Lex. As soon as she realizes he wears the Drifters logo on his back, she knew she’d be able to kill two birds with one stone.
Lex reluctantly agrees to help her old friend who has become more of a frenemy than the person she used to know, and just as they’re about to find Erica, Emily risks everything, including Lex’s life, on a fruitless mission that ruins everything. Afterwards, Lex has to decide if she’s going to do the one thing she swore wasn’t in her: walking away from someone she cares about.
Besides looking for Erica, the club stumbles upon a rare opportunity to patch over their affiliate club struggling to keep themselves together. The changes, however, are more than they originally anticipated, and Lex may just lose two of the most important people in her life if the vote goes through.

Will Lex lose the things she holds near and dear to her, including her life, because of decisions out of her control? Can they still find Erica, a girl who was like a little sister to her in Arizona, or has Emily’s decision cost Erica her life as well? Will Josh find a way to keep the only woman he’s found to care about, no matter how difficult she makes it for him?

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