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Passion in Paris (Vagabond) by C.L. Collier – Free eBooks Download


After years of focusing on my career in the fashion industry, I suddenly find myself unemployed.

Taking a chance on myself, I decide to follow my dreams and hop on the next flight to Paris.
Imagine my surprise when Jack, my former friends-with-benefits, is on the same flight. We haven’t seen each other in years. He was always a good friend, not to mention our chemistry was off the charts. But he also stole my focus from my demanding career, which is why I had to end things. I couldn’t afford distractions.
When Jack asks me to see the sights of Paris with him, I can’t turn him down. However, with my life at a crossroads, I can’t afford distractions now either.
So what if he’s perfect boyfriend material? So what if he can light up my body with just one look? I never do relationships – I’ll just enjoy this passion in Paris for as long as I can.
Stuck at home? Be whisked away to all four corners of the world and find your next happily ever after.

The Vagabond Series, a collection of standalone travel romances, will help you escape to far-off and exotic places.

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