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Passion at the Lake (Clear Lake #3) by Erin Swann – Free eBooks Download


I drove all day to escape a living hell. In this new town only the devil himself can save me.

Angela:I’m the nerdy girl the guys don’t like because when it comes to technology, I’m better than any of them. I like that computers are predictable. You always know how they’re going to behave, people not so much. My last choice of boyfriend proves that point.
I plotted out my escape for two months. My timetable was complete with a checklist and a spreadsheet. I only intended a two-week stay in Clear Lake before moving on.
Then, fate intervened. My plan disintegrated and placed me at the doorstep of the devil himself. It had been years since I’d seen our high school hero, Boone Benson. Meeting him again brought back memories of the lesson I’d learned the hard way. The jock never goes for the nerd.
Now, depending on him for survival is my only option.
When the beast shows me kindness, I resist falling for the fairy tale. So what if he’s hotter than sin. I know better this time. I can stay logical. Really I can.
I hate him, he hates me, problem solved.
But the science is clear. Sparks often lead to fire. And this fire is soon raging out of control.

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