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Prostitute. Hooker. Slut.

It’s what people would say if they knew what I do for a living. But I prefer to see myself as a teacher, and the bedroom is my classroom.
I take the awkward, the shy, the embarrassed… and I help them find love. I teach them how to read a woman’s body language, how to buy the perfect gift, and when it comes down to it, I teach them how to be good between the sheets. Because, let’s be honest, the most important part of love is the physical connection.
I keep it all professional—signed contracts, medical records, files and folders—zero emotions. There’s no room in my life for love.
And there’s certainly no room in my life for Will.
At first glance, he seems to have it all together—top marks, rich daddy, hot body, and a panty-dropping smile—but when it comes to romancing the woman of his dreams, he finds himself out of his league. He just needs a little help.
I’m his teacher, and he is my student. There’s a line that we cannot cross.
Too bad my heart didn’t get the memo.

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