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Exhausted, overworked, underpaid, and for damn sure underappreciated.

Struggling to find a balance between the career I’ve always wanted and the desire to have someone to take care of me, I agree to join an exclusive event at The Garden.
A couple of hours to let go with Dean Nash, the Daddy of my dreams, then it’s back to the grind.
As head of security at The Garden, I’m content with my single life.
When my boss calls in a favor, I reluctantly agree, knowing a few hours of play won’t mean anything. Until I lock eyes with an exhausted boy across the room and every instinct calls me to protect the boy from falling asleep on his feet.
Tanner Morgan checks all my boxes, though I’ve sworn no one ever could.
When we’re tossed into each other’s paths weeks after our one night together…
I offer to show Tanner there can be enough space in his life for a part-time Daddy. A caregiver without expectation of a relationship, feelings, or promises he can’t keep.
Falling in love isn’t part of the agreement, no matter how perfectly we fit together.

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