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Paired Objective (Matched Desire #2) by Clare Murray – Free eBooks Download


Twins Russ and Cam’s objective is straightforward: steal a few documents from the former White House and get the hell out. Meanwhile, they plan to keep an eye out for their secondary mission—Abigail Brooks. Things get tense when they find her hacking into the enemy’s control room, and find themselves staring down the barrel of her gun. Once the twins invoke the name of her grandmother, Patrice, Abby lowers her weapon and escapes slung over Cam’s broad, solid shoulder. A necessity, since all White House servants wear ankle chains. Evading a hail of sniper fire is less complicated than the heat that flares among the three fugitives.

Vindictive Shadow Feds, human bandits, and a convict intent on using them in a callous power play aren’t enough to cool the sizzling conduits of desire. Abby’s greatest fear isn’t falling in love with Russ and Cam. It’s the bone-deep terror that love won’t be enough to keep them together—and alive—in this dangerous world.

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