Oz’s Growl by Melody Novak (ePUB)

oz's growl, melody novak

Oz’s Growl (The Fae Thief’s Harem #2) by Melody Novak – Free eBooks Download


Five men have chosen me.
So have their enemies.

I’m supposed to unite everyone with natural magic, but I’m in the dark. My best friend forgot to tell me two things: one, he’s in love with me, and two, he’s a werewolf. After the whole City finds out about his alter-ego, his place as the king of thieves is threatened. When his loyal men start showing up dead, it shakes the stability of the whole Underbelly.
It’s up to me to figure out who’s doing it and put a stop to the violence. The Guardsmen I’ve spent months evading, fighting, and escaping aren’t putting their necks on the line. But the clues I uncover point to a growing feud in the werecreatures’ domain… a feud that could spell danger for all of us.
All I want is to graduate, rebuild the Academy, and pin my best friend down for a talk—or a whole night. But the next moon is coming up fast, and we’re running out of time.

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