Owned By The Orc by Rena Marks (ePUB)

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Owned By The Orc (Monster Brides) by Rena Marks – Free eBooks Download


I refused marriage, so one was arranged for me. But he’s not human—he’s orc.

Marriage between an orc and a human is forbidden unless your village needs the protection of the West Mountain Orcs clan, in which case they’re willing to sacrifice any maiden who refuses to do their bidding. Since my father is the lord overseer, I have no choice. I’m to be an orc’s arranged bride.
I am Lady Hannah Montierge, despite my title being stripped along with my dignity.
Brun, son of Brachard: One human wormed her way into my heart as children. But she disappeared without a word. When I’m told I must marry a human, I never once expected it would be her.
But Hannah pretends she doesn’t know me, claiming an illness as a child stole her memories. She wants to believe I’m a savage beast and not the childhood friend who spent hours promising her we’d be together forever.
I’m about to keep that promise. It’s her choice as to which.

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