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Own the Eights Maybe Baby by Krista Sandor – Free eBooks Download


A surprise pregnancy derails a cocky trainer and a snarky bookshop owner’s lives in Own the Eights Maybe Baby, a delightfully steamy romantic comedy from bestselling author Krista Sandor.

Blogger sensations Georgie Jensen and Jordan Marks have plans.
Big plans.

They’re poised to take over the blogosphere as the world’s top blogging sweethearts until a positive pregnancy test changes everything.
Make that twelve positive pregnancy tests.
Yep, this bun in the oven business is the real deal—and not the deal Georgie and Jordan expected to walk into the day after returning from their honeymoon.
These two know blogging, books, and barbells. But in the impending parenthood department, they’re starting at square one.
They know zero, zip, zilch, nada.

To complicate matters more, Georgie will do anything to keep the news from her over-the-top socialite mother until she and Jordan get a handle on the situation.
From a revved up preggo-libido to a pregnancy blogging challenge, the couple is thrown for a loop when they dive headfirst into the Wild West of baby prep.
Ready or not, a baby is coming.
And Georgie and Jordan will be put to the test.
Could this be the ultimate challenge they never knew they needed?
Maybe, baby!

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