Overcoming the Beta by Krys Strong (ePUB)

overcoming beta, krys strong

Overcoming the Beta (Warrior #2) by Krys Strong – Free eBooks Download


It started with love, but in the blink of an eye, everything went wrong.

He left me no choice but to reject him and run far away from our pack. Leaving everything and everyone behind to break free of the chains that bind us.
Learning to trust and love again after being lied to and cheated on has been nothing less than an uphill battle for me. Finally, after two long years of trying to forget him and move on with my life, I’m finally ready.
I should’ve known he wouldn’t stay out of my life forever. Now the soon-to-be beta of the Blue Moon pack is back to reclaim his fated mate. And he’s not taking no for an answer, even after finding out that I’m engaged to another man.
He uses the remnants of our badly damaged mate bond to scramble my brain, leaving me confused and hating myself for craving him, like no other. Do I still love him after everything? Can we come back from a place of pain and trauma and start over?

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