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out of dark, danah logan

Out of the Dark (The Dark #2) by Danah Logan – Free eBooks Download


My name is Lilly.
When I discovered our family’s secrets—my secrets—I thought it couldn’t get worse. I was so very wrong.
Not only did my family betray me, but through my desperate need for answers, I put myself back on his radar. He tracked me. He exposed me. But yet, I wasn’t afraid of him.
I wasn’t prepared for the answers he offered me. There was a connection I couldn’t deny, but what did that mean? For me, my future and, most of all, the boy I love.
I thought I knew the worst, but did I? The more I dug, the more questions emerged. How many secrets are there?
My name is not important. Yet.
I lost my family. I lost my freedom, for a while, then I found her. I had another chance, but I couldn’t keep her. They hid her from me, and I made peace with having temporary replacements.
However, one email during a painfully boring business dinner changed everything.
Now, I am looking at her, and I have to come clean. I don’t have a choice. But will my secrets scare her away? Most people would make a run for it and call the authorities on their way—but she’s not most. I’m not normal. I know it, and she will, too. Very soon.
The question is, will I lose her again, or will something develop that neither of us expected to find?

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