Out of Bounds by Mary B. Moore (ePUB)

out of bounds, mary b moore

Out of Bounds (Quick Snap) by Mary B. Moore – Free eBooks Download


Kip Sutherland was a tight end on the Seattle football team. After his last breakup, he decides to give the dating game a rest and focus on himself, enjoying peace and quiet as well as the ability to drop his dirty laundry just outside of the basket without getting nagged for it.
That was until his neighbor’s house was being broken into and he rushed to the rescue. Little did he know, his life was about to change forever, one accidentally painful moment at a time.

Ashley Wilkes could never have known that her new job at Because I Said Sew, would take her to a whole new world of football.
Shy and reserved, she’d sworn off men in any and all sports professions.
That was until she fell onto Kip Sutherland. Literally. And then there was the little problem of being the one to fit him into his official team tuxedo, which went slightly wrong.
Will Ashley and Kip find the love they both deserve? Can they deal with the curves that life throws at them or will they both succumb to the pressure?

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