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Our Offseason (Ice League #4) by S.C. Kate – Free eBooks Download


Duke Callahan thought he’d spend his offseason months partying with the Stanley Cup again. It never crossed his mind that he’d sustain a season-ending injury in the playoffs and end up back home trying to recover.
He hadn’t visited his old rink since he left for junior hockey seven years ago, but there’s not much else to do in his tiny hometown with a concussion and broken ankle.
But when he wanders into the Ice League Arena looking for a summer coaching gig, he sees her…
But that wasn’t possible.
She moved to Canada for her figure skating around the same time he left for juniors. He tells himself it’s just his mind playing tricks on him… because all his memories of this place included her.
Coming back home to train at the Ice League wasn’t Claire Kessel’s first choice, but neither was breaking up with her old skating partner.
Her new plan– find a better partner who will help her wrap up her skating career so she can finally start moving on with her life goals.
She knows she needs to stay focused this summer, but unfortunately, all focus goes out the window when she sees him.
She also knows that a better woman would’ve walked away with class… But she can’t stop seven years worth of a grudge from bursting forward.
Because Duke Callahan got the last word seven years ago, and she’d rather die than not get it this time.

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