Our First Puck by Kat Obie (ePUB)

our first puck, kat obie

Our First Puck (Loving the Pack #2) by Kat Obie – Free eBooks Download


Sometimes loves needs a little push

I’ve been in love with Theo, my best friend, for a long time. Normally that would be okay, except I’m a closeted professional hockey player and I’m too afraid to mess up my friendship with him.
On my twenty-fifth birthday, everything changes. Grandmum cursed my birthday gift which forces me to confess my love for Theo. As if getting pushed out of the closet wasn’t bad enough, I could no longer burn off magical energy with exercise and shifting into a werewolf alone.
I’m at an age where I have to embrace my magic or it might literally kill me. Then Theo comes up with a new option. Something that will allow our love to flourish. Yet his solution also calls for me to do the one thing that I have refused to do.
Now the question becomes, do we do the spell or is there another way for our love to survive?

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