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our darkest summer, hanga e pavel

Our Darkest Summer by Hanga E. Pavel – Free eBooks Download


A cold case is what brought Thomas Rhodes back to the lakeside town. His mother’s case,
to be certain.It had been almost twelve years since Elizabeth Rhodes disappeared, and Thomas was
finally back to prove the police wrong.
There was just one error in his plan: he didn’t arrive alone.
Kinsley Green was coaxed into going to the lake house for the summer, but she still had
some doubts. Doubts because of a certain dark-haired boy she was supposed to hate.
However, as soon as she got a glimpse of the sunny lake town, the doubts faded into the
back of her mind…until that night in the woods.
Was this vacation really about partying and relaxing, like she had been promised, or was
there something more going on here? Something dark?
One thing was clear: Thomas and Kinsley had to put aside their history and work together if
Thomas had any hope of finally getting to the bottom of his mother’s disappearance. But as
they dig deeper, it’s not just their relationship changing but the case around them too.

The question is, will they solve it before they become the next case to be solved?

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