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original sin, shannon west

Original Sin (Sons of Darkness #1) by Shannon West – Free eBooks Download


A funny thing happens to Jonah when he winds up at a bar in a strange city, meeting with an ancient vampire. He’s trying to get answers about a person he’s desperately searching for—an old love who had been attacked and turned while Jonah was imprisoned. But instead, he finds himself alone with her in a dark alley with her. fangs in his neck. Seconds later, she’s dying on the ground at his feet, poisoned by his toxic blood, and her followers are chasing him all over the city. The vampire’s venom burns much of his memory away, though they’re tantalizingly close. His mind is a blank as far as most of his personal history is concerned, so questions like, what are you, have to remain unanswered. Jonah’s stripped naked and brought before a handsome, powerful vampire lord whose blood instantly calls to him, while deliciously erotic images of the two of them flash through his mind. This is the man he’s been seeking, which is unfortunate on many levels, since he only wants Jonah dead.
What do you do when the love of your life demands answers—and you don’t have any? Do you meekly accept your fate, or do you fight like hell to cleanse the bitter taste of life without him from your soul? A complicated web of lies threatens both Jonah’s and his vampire lover’s lives, and they must fight their way to happiness through a confusing maze of intrigue and deception. Can Jonah’s vampire lord put aside his bitterness so they can save themselves? Or do they both go down fighting?

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