Organic for the Outcast by Jaycee Wolfe (ePUB)

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Organic for the Outcast (The Rejected #7) by Jaycee Wolfe – Free eBooks Download


I’ve been picked on all my life for my upbringing. Farmer Farlee or Dirty Farm Girl… just a couple of the unoriginal names spewed my way. It was okay, though. I had my mom and dad, the most incredible parents anyone could ask for. My life was happy until we lost my mom. My entire world was flipped upside down, and the taunting and teasing got worse. I’ve gotten really good at keeping my head down… which is probably why I run face-first into the hottest guy in our whole county. Actually, scratch that. The hottest guy on this planet. So naturally… I run.

Watching my best friends find their soul mates one at a time is both the best thing that could ever happen and downright torturous for me. Seeing as I’m the only one that was actually looking for someone to share my life with. It sucks being one of the last to fall. I may have started looking in the wrong direction, but I was lucky enough to realize my mistake before giving my heart away. It only took one head-to-chest collision, one second for time to stop, as I looked down at the girl pulled right out of my dreams. I have no doubt this girl was made for me. Obviously, she didn’t get the memo. When she runs from me, there’s only one thing on my mind. I would run around this whole damn planet a million times for just a few seconds in her presence. Let the chase begin.

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