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Order and Chaos (Celestial Affairs #2) by Clare Solomon – Free eBooks Download


Kwe is a deity and Bymbles is a celestial imp. They couldn’t be more different and they shouldn’t fall in love. That isn’t about to stop them.
Kwe is the Order Deity and has both a male form and a female form, each the face of a different one of their incarnations while they were alive. Their male self loves Bymbles. Their female self doesn’t. That’s not the complicated part.
The overworld is in chaos after recent events, making Kwe’s job harder than ever. The other deities are also muttering that Kwe has too much power and are beginning to get worried about it. Kwe struggles with the enormous task of returning order to the overworld whilst dealing with two celestial trials and a trouble-making imp. The latter shouldn’t be the thing they dwell on, yet it is.
When Bymbles plays a prank that gets him banished from the realm of the deities, Kwe must decide whether to continue keeping order or break all the rules by going after him.

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