Orc’s Prize by Celeste King (ePUB)

orc's prize, celeste king

Orc’s Prize (Orc Warriors of Protheka #3) by Celeste King – Free eBooks Download


If Borak the Wrathful thinks that I’ll be his pliant human female to do with as he pleases, then he’s in for a surprise!

I know I shouldn’t have wandered into Twilight Reaper territory.
And yes, I did get rescued by Borak’s tiny orcling son who is also very fond of me.
What can I say? I’m good with kids.
That’s all women in this destroyed world are good for anyways – making and taking care of babies.
But seriously, if this giant Orc thinks just because he can break me with his hands that I’m intimidated by him, then he’s got another thing coming.

I’ll help this Orc Chieftan raise his unruly son if he wants. But I will not be the Chief’s Woman.
I will not love him and be his willing mate, no matter how strong and handsome he is.
We will not share a bed and keep ourselves warm under skinned furs next to his roaring fire.
And I will not, will never, ever, love him!
We will not be some sort of happy family!
Then why is my only desire to be the tiny human mate to this giant monster Orc?

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