Oracle of Ruin by Haydn Hubbard (ePUB)

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Oracle of Ruin (The King’s Queen #2) by Haydn Hubbard – Free eBooks Download


“When I cut you, he bleeds.”

Still reeling from the death of her best friend and the betrayal of her father, Verosa finds herself on the run with the Nightwalkers. With each day Ophelus’s dark army draws closer and hope for a solution to the impending war fades. Lost to grief Verosa clings to a single hope, a fabled oracle that lives in the mountains who will show her the future, if she survives their trials.

Rowan can feel Verosa slipping away as they face trials of their own. His father will stop at nothing to retrieve him and his mother, the Rebels are trying to force a crown on his head, and Mavis still remains one step ahead of him. With the Nightwalkers splintering apart and enemies approaching on all sides Rowan knows he must make a decision. Yet everything falls to the side when Verosa is taken and the King of Mercenaries will stop at nothing to get her back.

As nightmares are ripped from the pages of stories and death brushes closer each day Rowan and Verosa must choose to save the world or to save each other?

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