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Or the Highway (Haven Hills #2) by J. D. Light – Free eBooks Download


Trying to make it through one day at a time is all Justice has known for the last six years. To say that he had an interesting past is putting whipped cream on top of dog crap. He’s done what he’s had to to survive, but he’s well aware of the stigma that comes with some of those things. Nobody had the ability to keep a straight face when you told them you were a prostitute for five years. After a few bad experiences in a row with Johns, he promised himself he’d never go back to that again. It’s time to get his life in order. Starting with getting a normal job in a new town where nobody recognizes him and getting his GED. There’s no time in his life for crushing on his gorgeous, older boss with the kind, patient heart and the no-nonsense attitude, and he definitely can’t, in good conscience, go into a relationship with somebody without telling them about his past. Luther would never want him if he knew.
Luther takes one look at the gorgeous younger man who shows up looking for a job and slips almost immediately into protective mode. Justice might have a lot of secrets, but he recognizes a soul in need of compassion and love in those pretty brown eyes, because Justice isn’t the only one with a past. Though he enjoys the innocent flirting from the sassy waiter, he’s not sure he’s got what it takes to be in a relationship, but life has a way of throwing two souls together who have the ability to heal each other.

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