Opulent Obsession by Alta Hensley (ePUB)

opulent obsession, alta hensley

Opulent Obsession (Breaking Belles #3) by Stasia Black, Alta Hensley – Free eBooks Download


I’m an imposter, a fraud, unwanted… but that won’t stop me from claiming her.
She is part of a tortured past I’d rather forget.
A flesh and blood ghost here to haunt me for my sins.
I will never forgive myself for living when my brother died.
As a penance, I’m forced to live his life.
To claim what should have been his birthright.
Soon, I will join the most powerful men in the world as a member of The Order of the Silver Ghost.
A secret society which feeds on the weaknesses of others, glorifying in their own dominance and wealth.
Into this opulent nightmare of my own making, she reappears.
I am consumed by her, just as I had once been in our past.
And no matter how hard I fight against the passion that is trapped inside, she manages to haunt me more than my dead brother ever did.
She will be both my salvation… and my damnation.

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