Operation: Fire Bomb by Charissa Gracyk (ePUB)

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Operation: Fire Bomb (Slater Security #4) by Charissa Gracyk – Free eBooks Download


Nothing exciting ever happens to me. My biggest challenge as a preschool teacher is making sure three-year-olds don’t eat glue sticks.
But on a flight back from a teaching conference, I find myself being chased by a couple of very big, very scary men. With no idea what they want, I need help. So, I run straight to my sister…and accidentally crash her date.
Her date with the most attractive man I’ve ever seen.
Turns out he owns a security company, and when bullets start flying, he whips his gun out and puts his life on the line to protect me.
Suddenly, my no-plans summer turns into the adventure of a lifetime with a man who proves to be everything I ever wanted. But how does boring, vanilla me keep the attention of a former Delta Force commander who puts James Bond to shame?

Excitement is my middle name. But only when it comes to work. My personal life is a snooze-fest and the blind date I was coerced into is crashing and burning fast.
Just as I’m about to hit eject, the most beautiful, brightest light I’ve ever seen comes barreling into the restaurant…straight to my table.
Lake Sullivan is in over her head, so the protector in me immediately takes charge. The vivacious redhead is everything I never knew I wanted. I vow to keep her safe, but it’s my heart I should be guarding.
Because if I fall for Lake, I might taint her. There’s a darkness inside of me, one I keep carefully contained. Exposing her to my past sins is the last thing I want to do.
Except, I haven’t crushed on a woman like this in years, and right now I feel like I’m about to be firebombed by this bombshell. She’s igniting a flame I don’t want to extinguish, but it’s a blaze that could destroy everything. Because once it burns down and exposes the truth, we could be left with nothing but ashes.

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