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open door, ally crew

Open Doors (Instalove Hearts #2) by Ally Crew, Brynn Hale – Free eBooks Download


♥Meeting the man who loved her mother from afar twenty years ago isn’t her biggest problem. Falling in love with him is.♥

What is happening? My plan is working…and it shouldn’t have!
I’m inside of Mason Kenmore’s apartment pretending to be his housekeeper.
He knows I’m not, but he lets me continue my charade.
I need to get close to the man who wrote this on the back of a photo: I’ll always be here for you, Lily. Whatever you need. Yours, Mason
Lily’s my mom who just passed away and when she did, she left me and my two twin brothers to pay for a mortgage and the mortgage company won’t wait.
I need to know, will Mason’s generosity and friendship extend to me?
But in the course of a few hours, I find out he can explain the secrets of the past…and maybe the desires of my future.
I can’t take his money now. It kills me, but I’ll have to close the door on what we could’ve been.

She’s the spitting image of her mother…and it takes my breath—and my heart—away.
I know she’s not my housekeeper. She arrived with no sign of cleaning supplies to go along with the rest of her comical but libido-pumping costume.
But I’ve got to meet her.
And after I do, I know that Lily’s talking to me from the grave. The thought I never got to say goodbye kills me, but I’ll do anything to help this fresh-eyed young woman.
When Dani finds out the pain I’ve been holding inside, sworn to secrecy by her mother, will she be able to see it was the only way I could save them all or will she revert to the mistrust her abandoning father instilled in her?
The door is open and this time, I’m not closing it until she’s mine.

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