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Onyx Dragons: Alexandrite (7 Virgin Brides for 7 Weredragon Billionaires #6) by Starla Night – Free eBooks Download


Billionaire dragon shifter, Alex, is too enchanting to be true.
His eyes are as deep as the ocean. His heart as cold as ice. Alex found me when my life was in shambles. Jobless. Homeless. An absent family.
He never promised me anything when he took me away. Not until now. Alex is on a deadly mission. A mission that will save the planet.
Ruthless aristocrat dragons are about to invade Earth. They will destroy everything that gets in their way.
Unless… Alex destroys them first.

Exposes them. But he wants to ensure my safety. To keep me on a safe spaceship. Alex only knows me as the smart-talking barista.
A fragile woman with a loving heart. What he doesn’t see is the fire within me. The kind of fire that would melt his ice-cold heart.
It’s time I show him what I’m made of. What he can do with me by his side. Together, we can save the world and create our own new beginning. A beginning that feels just as enchanting as he does.

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