Only A Witch Will Do by Destiny Draco (ePUB)

only a witch, destiny draco

Only A Witch Will Do (The Real Housewitches of Salem #1) by Destiny Draco, Anne Hale – Free eBooks Download


Being a witch was supposed to be fun!

Being the head of the Brinly House, oldest coven in Salem actually used to mean something to any witch worth her broomstick.
But lately, with the witches over at Endicott Hall snapping at my heels, my good for nothing warlock ex-husband getting on my last nerve, and Deputy Brad Bullet bending over and showing me what he’s packing (it’s not just a gun!), I’m starting to feel every day of my 240 years.
And then there’s a murder.
Not just any murder. But one that makes magic and magic users look real bad. And as a very prominent magic user in a town known for burning magic users at the stake, let’s just say I have a lot riding on getting this resolved as quickly as possible.
Luckily, Deputy Dreamy (aka Bullet) is more than happy to work with me. He’s willing to make me his partner in more ways than one (I think!).
Maybe together we’ll get some satisfaction (and hopefully resolve the case).
Because even if he’s mundane, with a human that looks this good…
What’s a witch to do?

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