One Tempting Offer by Jenn Sable (ePUB)

one tempting offer jenn sable

One Tempting Offer (Tycoons of Timberton #1) by Jenn Sable – Free eBooks Download


Had I known who he was, I would’ve let him drown.

Instead, I fished a secret billionaire out of a lake and ended up having the most passionate night of my life. Then I found out that lying sack of toned abs with the melt-me blue eyes is Chase Maxwell.
Chase-stinking-Maxwell, a powerful CEO, HOTNESS incarnate, and my ENEMY #1.
Sleeping with the enemy before going to war is never a good idea.
The man is determined to ruin everything I love, run me out of my childhood home and off my cherished lake. I refuse to let him have his way.
He may try different tactics, playing hardball one minute and faking romantic interest the next, but I know the truth.
A billionaire always wins, no matter how many hearts they crush on the way to the finish line.
And regular girls, like me, with loads of problems, seldom end up unscathed.
I hope his final offer doesn’t leave me with a heart too broken ever to love again.

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