One Rogue Turn by B.E. Kelly (ePUB)

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One Rogue Turn (Elite Enforcers #2) by B.E. Kelly – Free eBooks Download


She saw Griff coming for her before she even knew who he was. Being the brother-in-law of her best friend made him practically family, but that didn’t stop Lennox from wanting the big bear shifter. She could even overlook the fact that he was an asshole because she only needed him for one thing—to take her virginity. Sure, Lennox knew what that made her sound like, but she didn’t care. Destiny had shown her Griffin claiming her and if her visions were wrong, she and destiny were breaking up and this time, she’d be saying goodbye to that bitch for good.
Griff wasn’t sure why the pretty little seer was following him around like a long-lost puppy, but he didn’t have time for that kind of nonsense—no matter how adorable she was. He drove up to Alaska to tell his brother about their mom’s passing and then, he was going to high tail it back to New Mexico before the hunters caught up with him. Living in a family of bear shifters, he and his brothers were constantly looking over their shoulders, but Hawk had seemed to find a way out. He and his wife Nena had a good life up in Alaska and Griff wondered if he might find that same happiness. The question was—did sexy Lennox play a part in that new life or was he destined to go it alone?

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