One Night Stand with the Girl Dad by Tarin Lex (ePUB)

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One Night Stand with the Girl Dad (Girl Dad) by Tarin Lex – Free eBooks Download


At some point I became a living, breathing, dancing cliché.
Lonely maid of honor at my sister’s no-kids wedding? Check.
A one-night stand with the gorgeous, mysterious stranger from said wedding? Check.
Inadvertently falling in love with said stranger?
…No comment.
That was clearly prohibited in our pre-hookup verbal agreement.
Made even more verboten when that same sex-on-a-stick ONS waltzes into my ballet class for tots with his adorable daughter in tow.
I can turn them away. Because, Reasons. But I’m a cliché, remember?
I can’t say no to that face. Or that face.
And I’ve got two pink lines to prove it.

If you looked up “dad fail” on the internet, you would probably find a picture of me.
I don’t have a clue what I’m doing.
Nor any idea what I did to deserve an amazing little girl like Autumn.
She’s stuck with me, and after two years of hard work and heartache, it’s time we sprinkled in some fun in our lives.
So I set out to fill our days with a little more joy. Hakuna Matata: That was my entire plan in a nutshell.
Every day experiencing something, anything fun.
I never expected to stumble upon everything.

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