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One Night Stand (Summertime Sadness #2) by Nyla Lily – Free eBooks Download


I expected to fly into my boyfriend’s arms and enjoy summer vacation with him. Instead, I’m welcomed to a breakup text after stepping off the plane.
Who does that anyway?
Now I’m at a hotel with no one to lean on but myself. At least the place has a nice bar to wallow in my self sorrows.
That’s where I meet Mr. Charismatic. He’s got a nice smile and knows exactly what to say to make me feel better.
They say the best way to get under one person is to get under another. A one night stand was all I needed to get out of my blues. Fool around with someone I’d never see again.
Funny thing, turns out Mr. Charismatic is the owner of the hotel. Forget never seeing him again. He’s everywhere and I can’t keep myself away. The man is a walking temptation.
I have to return back sooner or later. Not even blossoming love could keep me from leaving and returning to my boring life. Too bad that’s not enough to stop me from enjoying the few weeks I have left with him.

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