One Kind Walk by Christine DePetrillo (ePUB)

one kind walk, christine depetrillo

One Kind Walk (The One Kind Deed #9) by Christine DePetrillo – Free eBooks Download


Invincible. It was one thing to say that word. It was another thing entirely to actually feel it.

Landon Henley is content to do his radio show from his basement despite his family’s attempts to get him to leave his home and rejoin society. Face-to-face encounters are too risky. They might lead to meeting people. To possibly falling in love with people. To potentially losing people in horrible accidents caused by irresponsible drivers. He wouldn’t survive that. Not a second time. Landon’s best option is to hide away and limit his contact with the outside world.

That includes getting rid of a puppy who has decided Landon’s backyard is a great place to call her own. A dog is the last thing he needs. Dogs need walks, and he definitely doesn’t do walks. When this pupper crashes Aliza Danahy’s outdoor yoga class, however, the dog won’t be the only one panting. But Aliza isn’t ready to trust another man. Not after divorcing her drug lord of a husband and moving back to Vermont. Her heart has taken a beating, and she’s got the nightmares to prove it.

Is one kind walk enough to bring broken hearts back to life?

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