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one kind of love, christine depetrillo

One Kind Love (The One Kind Deed #8) by Christine DePetrillo – Free eBooks Download


Heather wanted to meld her soul with Miller’s and never let him go.
Heather Windsor has been granted a second chance at life thanks to the most caring people on the planet. Brought back from near death due to an immune disorder, she’s ready to make every day count in her new hometown of Maplehaven, Vermont. She likes her job at the town’s trendy boutique, but she’s still searching for her true passion. Heather is also looking for someone special now that she’s going to live. Hopefully for a very long time. Unfortunately, the model candidate has whisked himself off to Alaska.

Doctor Miller Danahy enjoys treating his patients at Shepherd Memorial Hospital, though he’d love to combine traditional and holistic practices to better keep people healthy. His patients deserve the best care available, especially the ones who look like Heather Windsor. She’s definitely turned his head since he treated her, but his parents sending him an airline ticket to visit them in Alaska forces him to put his interest in her on hold. Even with an entire continent between them, subduing his feelings for Heather isn’t easy.

When Miller returns to Maplehaven, he finds his attraction to Heather has only grown stronger, but has his absence caused her to move on? Can Maplehaven’s sexy doctor be the cure for that empty feeling Heather can’t seem to shake lately?

Is one kind love enough to remedy what ails tender hearts?

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