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one hot summer, mae harden

One Hot Summer (Mountain Ridge Resort) by Mae Harden – Free eBooks Download


His geology student has him between a rock and a hard place…

I’m choosing to look at my summer job at Mountain Ridge Resort as a fabulous escape before diving into grad school. Bartending isn’t quite the vacation I’d have liked, but it does get me out of the sweltering heat that bakes the concrete swaths of Washington, D.C. It also gives me some much-needed distance from my academic advisor.
It’s not that I don’t appreciate Dr. Napier’s guidance. I do. But I can’t even look at him without my brain melting into a puddle of fantasies so dirty they’d make a biker blush. I just need a couple months away. A little time to get over my impossible crush on the geology professor who wouldn’t look at me twice unless I was holding handfuls of Tanzanite…

I swear, Corinne Palomer was sent by a vengeful deity exclusively to torture me. My brilliant grad student and constant companion in the geology lab smells like heaven, moves like a temptress, and when she smiles at me… well, let’s just say my situation is harder than igneous rock. No woman could be more off-limits than Corinne, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting her with every cell in my body.
A working holiday is exactly what I need to clear my head. So, when I get grant approval to study an anomalous fissure under Mountain Ridge Lake, I throw my stuff in a bag and go, putting a couple hundred miles between us. That should do the trick… right?

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