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one crazy night, emma jay

One Crazy Night (It Happened One Night #1) by Emma Jay – Free eBooks Download


My college friends and I are having a reunion to celebrate our friend’s 30th birthday, in our old college town.
But our Girls’ Night Out has turned into disaster. Like, my girls have disappeared on me. And apparently they took my purse—with my phone in it—with them when I was in line for the bathroom.
I’m abandoned with no money, no phone, and no idea how to get back to our rental house.
Until a handsome stranger with a sweet smile and kind eyes offers to help me find my friends. I know I should be wary of strangers, but he’s so eager to help, kind of like a Golden Retriever puppy. And he makes me laugh when I should be scared out of my head.

I can’t just let this pretty lady wander around alone looking for her friend, without money or a phone. I have to step in to help her.
The fact that she’s wearing a barely-there dress really has nothing to do with my decision.
But even though she’s scared, she’s funny and sweet, and she has no idea I’m the guitar player in one of the biggest bands in the U.S.
And when we can’t track down her friends, well, I can’t abandon her, can I? She has to spend the night with me.
I’ve been pretty good about resisting temptation so far, but I’ve never been tempted quite like this.

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