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blissful night, am hargrove

One Blissful Night (West Sisters #3) by A.M. Hargrove – Free eBooks Download


How much are you willing to trust a liar?
“Promise you won’t break my heart, Brax.”

He promised. I believed.
Brax Kent was a liar.
He shattered every possible piece of me.
Several years passed before I got through an entire day without shedding a tear.
My existence was hollow, empty, bleak.
Hate was the only thing that pushed me through the day.
Seven years later, who turns up to be my next door neighbor?
The man I despise with every ounce of my being.
And now he wants me back.
With flowery words and sworn oaths full of apologies, he begs.
Can this man who ruined me be trusted?
Only his obstinance, persistence, and beautiful face weaken my resolve.
And I stupidly expose my heart as he wedges himself inside, bit by bit.
Surrendering completely may mean absolute love, or absolute destruction.
The choice is mine.
Cross the line in the sand, or stay in my safe zone.

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