Once Upon An Unrequited Love by Zoey Locke (ePUB)

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Once Upon An Unrequited Love (Romancing The Boss and Billionaire) by Zoey Locke, Z.L. Arkadie – Free eBooks Download


What happens when the world’s most sought-after billionaire bachelor falls head over heels for a woman who vows never to love him back? He changes her mind. Step into a world where forbidden feelings and tantalizing tension set the stage in “Once Upon An Unrequited Love.”

Max Grove is more than just a man. He’s my best friend’s brother and the world’s most coveted billionaire bachelor, exuding intellect, success, and a charisma that’s hard to dismiss. His aura demands attention, a compelling mix of brooding intensity and mysterious allure. But the heart of this enigmatic man beats passionately for one woman who’s vowed never to give him her heart.
That woman is me.
Since our eyes first met, Max’s affection has been undeniable — a desire so palpable yet forbidden. Resisting him seemed natural, especially given his relentless and often self-centered pursuit of power. But something is shifting between us. His captivating presence and persuasive charm are surprisingly chiseling away at my resolve, even if succumbing to this new passion feels like a betrayal to everything I hold dear. I’m starting to wonder if his love will ever be anything but unrequited.

Prepare for a whirlwind of emotion in the spellbinding finale of the ‘Romancing the Boss and Billionaire’ series. “Once Upon An Unrequited Love” isn’t just a STANDALONE romance; it’s a heart-stirring love story that promises intense longing, undeniable chemistry, and the sweetest Happily Ever After.

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