Once Upon a Silent Night by Kimberly Rae Jordan (ePUB)

once upon night, kimberly rae jordan

Once Upon a Silent Night (New Hope Falls #5) by Kimberly Rae Jordan – Free eBooks Download


She’s been told he’s the enemy, but she needs something from him.
Leilani Alexander’s plan had always been to return to New Hope Falls once she’d finally finished college to help her mom with her florist shop. Unfortunately, tragedy dictated a different path. So Lani is back in New Hope without her degree, trying to keep a struggling business afloat and doing everything she can to figure out how to keep her late mother’s dream alive. Even if that means turning to the competition—the business her father blames for the downfall of their own.
Now if only they don’t find out who she really is.

He thought things were going great…until they weren’t.
All Michael Reed ever wanted was a life where he and his sister would be safe. Together, they’d worked to build a business that provided them with the stability he craved and the safety they needed. But when his sister drops a bomb on him, it all begins to fall apart. Michael doesn’t know how to hold everything together on his own because there are parts of the business he absolutely can’t take care of himself.
The addition of a new employee in the store offers a glimmer of hope, but Michael is slow to trust anyone with his secrets, especially since the one person he’s always trusted suddenly wants to abandon him.

Keeping secrets never turns out well.
When she’d applied for a job at the Reeds’ florist shop, all Lani hoped for was a paycheck and a way to make back some of the money they’d taken when they’d stolen business away from her mom. She didn’t figure on becoming embroiled in the siblings’ drama, but she soon finds herself smack dab in the middle of it.
She wants to help…if only it didn’t feel like a betrayal on so many levels.

When feelings get involved, however, Lani knows it’s time to come clean. If only it wasn’t too late. Trust is a fragile thing that takes a beating when secrets are revealed. Is love enough to shore it up? Or will this just be one more thing that goes wrong in both their lives?

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