On Thin Ice by Stephanie Kay (ePUB)

on thin ice, stephanie kay

On Thin Ice (Denver Stampede #4) by Stephanie Kay – Free eBooks Download


He’s only supposed to slip one past the goalie on the ice…

Ally Hartnell always has a plan. She has a job she loves, great friends and a wonderful family. Life is perfect. Until a pregnancy test—or five—show up positive. Having a baby wasn’t part of the plan, but now becoming a mom is her only focus. And she doesn’t need the father’s help. But it would be polite to at least let him know.
Domenic Tremblay is going into his second season with the Denver Stampede and loving his new team. His childhood was rough, but hockey is his found family. He’s content focusing on his game and having a good time. Settling down? Being a dad? Not on his radar.
When Ally shows up on his doorstep, it’s not for one of their memorable strings-free hookups. She’s pregnant. Very pregnant. And he’s freaked out. He knew he should have kept his hands—and everything else—to himself. She’s his old teammate’s little sister FFS. Now there are strings everywhere.
Once he pulls his head out of his ass, he knows he can’t let her walk away. Given his family history, he has no business being a father, but he’s always wanted Ally in his life. Convincing her to move to Denver takes some doing, and a lot of conditions: roommates, future co-parents, absolutely no funny business. But plans don’t always stay on track.
First came lust, here comes a baby. Could love be on its way?

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